At 2 years old, Georgia Brown was singing into the mic at church, Jesus Love Me. 

At age 17, Georgia released her new single,  EYES IN THE SKY. A dedication to her parents for their love and support.  She adds this new original to her already released 3 albums of original songs.

THROWN IN THE DUST,  her 3rd album, is Georgia's personal memoir, full of ups and downs of life - songs of confidence that will empower self worth in people of all ages. Recorded at age 16. 

Georgia's recording career was to begin with covers of her favorite artists, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline. The next week she proclaims to her parents, I've just written a song,  LIGHTHOUSE !!!  Lighthouse became the name of her 1st album of originals that she wrote at age 14.

Georgia's parents said no more recording for a while, as it is a fine balance between school and studio.  Then, Georgia kept coming up with more songs, and it was decided! It was time to share her new songs with the world as the 2nd album was born,  OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Georgia Brown has a fresh, unusual  take on subjects common to us all with titles like... "Dance with a Monster,  Tears from Mars,  Black Heart, Kryptonite" ....

Get your copy of  OUT OF THIS WORLD - EP today! Released at age 15.

Georgia Brown has a total of 24 original songs available between the 3 albums on iTunes !  

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 Georgia currently is….

  • Attending Middle Tennessee State University, Freshman
  • Major-Songwriting/Minor-Classical Piano
  • On the Dean's List
  • Continuing to write Original Songs


Where has Georgia performed? 

  • Georgia hosted her Senior Concert with Musical Guests 
  • Mr. BHS Pageant, 2015 & 2016
  • Bentonville High School Chamber Choir, 2 years 
  • Toured England & Scotland with the BHS Chamber Choir
  • Blu Fish Vintage Tunes 50's, 60's & 70's  2017
  • Single Parent Scholarship Gala 2016
  • She won Miss BHS 2015-2016
  • Douglas Cafe Open Mic Nashville 2016
  • Gospel Brunch at Blu Fresh Fish Market Bentonville 2016
  • BHS Alumni "Sweet Jam" concert 2014, '15, '16 
  • Ferdinand Folk Festival, Ferdinand, Indiana Sept 2015
  • First Friday Downtown Bentonville, AR 2015
  • Bluebird Cafe Open Mic Nashville 2015
  • Arkansas Governor's Mansion, private party for Arkansas Home Furnishings Assoc.,  Dec 2014
  • Eiffel Tower Park Dedication Paris, AR 2014
  • Dedication of Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Dyess, AR 2014
  • BMW Z Club 2014
  • 6 Sunday afternoons ( 3 hours each) ,Georgia performed 50’s & 60’s music in front of the Spark Café/Wal-Mart Museum with the help of Daddy-O, Little Bro and Momma. Summer 2013 at age 14.
  • The Pressroom Bentonville 2014
  • 6 performances at the Little O’ Oprey in West Fork, AR  2013-2016
  • Bentonville West High School Groundbreaking Ceremony 2014
  • Benton County Children’s Advocacy Center Fundraiser 2014
  • Kiwanis Club Paris, AR 2014
  • Innisfree Senior Living, Sock-Hop  2013, '14, '15, '16
  • Mt. Magazine Butterfly Festival 2013
  • LIVE ON STAGE NWA student to perform before the show 2013
  • NWA Children’s Shelter Tailgater Fundraiser 2013
  • School talent shows beginning in 3rd grade.

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Georgia  Brown

a soulful, talented

rising pop artist

whose music is inspiring

and gives you confidence

to handle whatever 

comes your way


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