Georgia Brown was interviewed by Timothy Dennis

for the OZARKS AT LARGE  program on KUAF 91.3.

She was right at home visiting with him and

getting to tickle the Steinway's ivories

in the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio.

Click on the KUAF above to hear

Georgia's interview! 


Bentonville West High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Georgia Brown, who will be a sophomore at Bentonville High this fall, sang the National Anthem at the ceremony.  she followed that by singing Carole King's "I Feel the Earth Move"  when the groundbreaking was complete.

Brown, who is releasing her own album this summer, wrote a song in support of last year's millage that was posted on youtube.  She won't get the chance to attend Bentonville West, but her little brother will be a freshman the year it opens.

"It gives a lot of kids more opportunities to do the arts and sports and everything they want to do," she said.

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